The Alphabet Zoo, A Poem

New ABZøo

Yogi Wolf on the Roof

shouts, “Hi Jill, Hry Jack,”

Let’s beat the pack,

and go see hat’s new at the Zoo.”

So Yogi drives the car

finds a space and parks.

Jill asks, “Is this the Zoo?”

Yogi answers with a question.

“Do you see the Big Letter

on the roof of the Big Building?

Jill says, “It’s L.”

“L doesn’t mean Zoo!”

“What does L stand for?”

“L is for Library, because

The Library is…

the Alphabet Zoo!”

Jill asks, “

What’s that room right here?

Yogi: It’s the Poker-room.

Is that a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear?

Yes, what do you see?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Papa Bear

Pushes the Box on the table

till it falls and Pops oPen,

and Bees Fly out

and Buzz away.

Bears like honey,

but they don’t like Bees.

Jack asks,

“Is this what’s new at the zoo?”

Jill says, “Ho Hum,”

“That’s nothing new.


There is  nothing new,

nothing at all new…

at the zoo.”



Showering Zebras

rill they Shineat the Zoo.

Jill still says Ho Hum:

Shining Zebras at the Zoo


are Nothing New.



Jerky Jerbils Jump.


They Jump for Justice,


and find the eXit,


to make their eXodus,


escaping the Zany Zoon,


to Run the River Road

to catch some Shining Rays.

Jumping Jerbils?


Ho and Hum!

Jumping Jerbils are …


Nothing New.

Back in the B-Room,

Bulls Bully Mothers,

Boasting iABBn Boats

with their Big Bellies.

Healthy Heads

get Happy

with Hearty Hugs


In the S-Room

Snakes Slither

and Slide & Glide

eGgs, Globes, & Spheres,


to Seal them in the Safe


so they’re Safe & Sound.

Jill & Jack yawn,

Sneaky Snakes are Nothing New!





In the D/T room

Dogs lie Down Dirty

and Decide to be Dull.


jBut look:

Dogs Dig up Dead Deeds,

and Do Dirty Deals

with oTher Dirty Dogs.

Jack says Ho,

and Jill says Ho;

Dirty Dogs lting Down


and Doing Deals?

Nothing New at the Zoo.

New News is Not New!

Nothing New at the Zoo.

In the M-Room,

Many Merry Mermaids

Marry Men and Make

More Merry Mermaids.

Ho and Hum, all the same:

Nothing New at the Zoo1



In the Ck-Room, jill & jack

see Cats & Crabs, and Cougars.

The little Cats Curl around

Jack’s amnkles,

tickling him so he laughs.





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