Zev bar-Lev is professor of linguistics at San Diego State University, where he has taught since 1979. Previous teaching positions include Syracuse University and the University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva, Israel. His education includes the AB in Russian literature at Columbia College (1963), the MA in Slavic linguistics at Cornell University (1965), graduate studies at Moscow State University (1967-68), and the PhD in general linguistics at Indiana University (1969).

He has published research in several fields of theoretical linguistics (semantics, pragmatics, functional syntax, discourse theory, morpho-phonology, linguistics and computers) on (and in) several languages (Hebrew, Russian, and others), but has focused more recently on applied linguistics, developing and presenting his "heretical" method for faster teaching of confident abilities in foreign language: "Sheltered Initiation Language Learning" teaches, in the first place, confident speaking abilities; it also includes the "glyph" system for reading Hebrew and Arabic, "skip-reading" and "skip-listening" for reading and listening comprehension, "asymmetric sequencing" for teaching grammatical and other contrasts in any language (including Chinese tones), and other special innovations. (See 'Sheltered-Initiation Language Learning', APPLIED LANGUAGE LEARNING vol.4 #1-2, 1993, and other publications. Learn more about ZEV BAR-LEV'S Hebrew Innovations.

"Sheltered Initiation Language Learning" is the creation of Zev bar-Lev of San Diego State University. In its startling methodological assumptions, instructional procedures, and degree of success, it presents a bold challenge to prevalent theory. Future theories of formal language learning will have to account for the manifest success of SILL." Robert Blair, "Innovative Methods," in Celce-Murcia, The Teaching of English as a Second or foreign Language, Newbury, 1991.

Well over 20 different languages have been taught in special multi-language courses, at San Diego State University , and also at SDSU Extension, and at the Learning Annex in the one-session, 3-hour workshop, "Learn Any Language Quickly." Teachers of various languages in San Diego and beyond have found it easy to teach confident speaking and other abilities in various foreign languages after a short introduction to the method.


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Prof. Zev bar-Lev

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